Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems have been around for well over a hundred years and have been installed with a large degree of success. For the past 25 years consumers have placed greater demands on this system. They want colors that do not fade, metal that does not blow off, concealed fasteners and flashing details that do not leak.

To meet these demands, contractors must use quality systems and install them with professional, well trained roofing applicators. Most anyone can lay out sheets of metal but it takes a professional to properly fasten them according to codes and flash the projections and perimeters to insure leak-free systems.

Wall panels are a natural progression from metal roofing. Many of the roofing manufacturers we use also have wall panels that can match or contrast the colors and configurations of the roofing systems. When these panels are installed with matching/contrasting gutters, downspouts and flashings, the building can be completely clad in a long-lasting, trouble free system.

The following manufactures are leaders in the Metal Roofing System industry:

Architectural Metal Roofing Systems

  • Berridge Architectural Metal Roofing Systems
  • Architectural Building Components Architectural Metal Roofing Systems

Composite Panels

  • Citadel Architectural Products Composite Panels