Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems

As early as l968 the professionals at Lundin Roofing Company pioneered the use of polyurethane foam as a roofing material in Louisiana. Since that first polyurethane foam roofing system was installed, Lundin Roofing Company has successfully installed millions of square feet of foam roofing throughout Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Several factors make spray polyurethane roofing a superior alternative to conventional roofing materials:

  • 100% Waterproof: Spray polyurethane foam forms a rigid, closed cell layer. It won't allow water to enter or travel laterally under the roof, preventing leaks in the roof system.
  • Energy Saving: An R-value of 7 per inch of thickness makes spray polyurethane foam an exceptional insulator, reducing heating and cooling costs up to 30%.
  • Weather Resistant: Besides withstanding hurricane-force winds, spray polyurethane roofing has been tested in icy cold (-175°F) to extremely hot (180°F) environments without structural failures.

A properly applied spray polyurethane roofing system can quickly pay for itself in energy savings alone. The seamless foam layer blocks out excess heat during the summer and prevents heat from escaping during the winter, driving energy costs down. Your roof isn't an expense – it's an asset.